Our Services

Below you will find some brief information about the services we offer

Video Production

Complete production, including pre-production scriptwriting and storyboarding, lighting, shooting, and post-production editing.

2D and 3D Animation

Compositing of motion graphics elements into live action footage, rotoscoping, green screen, character-based animation and much more.

Human Centered Design

UX/UI design with a focus on developing highly customer-centric product and service methodologies, web and mobile app design and implementation, all centered around the ideal user journey.

Graphic Design

Corporate and Identity branding, logo and icon design, web design and layout, wireframing, and much more fall under the scope of our Graphic Design toolkit.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in exceeding client expectations, no matter the scope or challenge of the project.

It is the goal of Create Great Studios to promote unique and stylish forms of production design, interactive media work, and human-centered design practices for clients that want the opportunity to showcase their product and service experiences in a more refined and relevant fashion. Create Great Studio targets the art, science, advertising, business, healthcare, commercial entertainment, and performance industries and aids them in upscale presentations and product marketing. We currently offer services to clients in the Greater Boston and New York City areas. Options for outsourcing are available as necessary based on project needs.

We give our clients a type of product which they and their audience have not seen or interacted with before. We seek to always provide an innovative creation that is dynamic and compelling, while also utilizing high precision. Our objectives include but are not limited to:

  • Provision of state-of-the-art interactive design services
  • Maintain high standards of service performance
  • Meeting and exceeding client expectations
  • Elevating client’s marketing or service abilities
  • Reaching client cost expectations

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Our Work

The video below showcases a range of project work done by the studio over the past few years. Enjoy.
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